Preferred Customer Large Volume Net 30 Pricing
Premium services highlighted in blue.

Record review $0.15/page
Indexing of records $0.10/page
Publish searchable PDF on CD-ROM $8
AMA Ratings $50
Prepare Subpoena / Notice of Deposition
Includes preparing and executing (signing) all documents, proof of service by mail,
and mailing copies to all parties
Prepare Authorization (if Subpoena not issued)
Insert Facility name, info, and make additional copies.
Personally Serve Documents (Subpoena, Auth, etc.)
Includes multiple trips if necessary, gas/mileage and waiting time
$15 for main urban areas,
more for outlying areas
On-site setup and mileage fee
Includes mileage for driving to and from facility, setting up (and later disassembling)
scanner or microfilm equipment on site.
$15 for main urban areas,
more for outlying areas
Scan each page into computer
Scan records on-site with portable imaging system by bonded, registered, professional photocopier
Print each page
Charge to print each scanned image onto a page, including multiple sets
Bates stamping each page (flat rate) Included
Shipping $7 base, more for heavier
Parking Actual
CNR fee (if no records are produced) $5
X-Rays Actual
Rush order $25
Declaration of Due Diligence $25
Pick-up Records $15

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