State of the art copies!

• All Records are provided on SEARCHABLE CD-ROM as well as printed. Easily take the records with you to work at home, at court, etc. Also save space in your office by keeping only the CD. Easily print one or all pages from the CD to serve on other parties.

• Medical records are CATEGORIZED by record type (Doctor’s notes, Billing, Reports, X-rays, etc.) so you can quickly skip over unnecessary sections and get right to the areas of interest. We provide a Table of Contents in the records and hyperlinks on the CD to the various sections of the record.

• An INDEX of all illnesses and injuries (records review) can be provided for only pennies per page. Get an index with corresponding page numbers of every illness and injury to be found in the records.

We number all your pages! This is also known as Bates stamping.

All pages are scanned at 300dpi. We don’t use microfilm and our scans are 50% higher density than our competition’s.

• Our high-density printers output the images edge-to-edge on the page without any compression of the images to fit inside white-space margins. Along with our higher density scans you get larger, clearer, and easier to read records.


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