At DefensePro, we have a culture of friendly professionalism. We are looking for people to join our team who have a passion for doing things the right way, whether it is printing paperwork, serving subpoenas, calling to schedule appointments, or scanning and processing records. We want people that support other coworkers and demand the best out of themselves and their company.

Current Job Openings:

Business Development Representative

To apply for any of these positions, download an application form (PDF).
Benefits at DefensePro
After three months of employment the company offers employees with twenty or more hours per week full medical coverage. Other optional benefits, such as covering family members, dental, optometry etc. are available at the employee's cost. After one year of service the company offers paid vacations, sick leave, and one personal day each year, and an option to participate in the company's 401K plan. Employees with twenty or more hours per week receive eight paid holidays each year. We also encourage the ride share program by offering ride share incentives. For more details and the job openings please contact our HR department.

HR Generalist
Tel: 800-244-3495 x 153
Fax: 800-962-4896


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