Introducing AMA Medical Report Rating Service
For $50. We offer a fast, easy & inexpensive
way to get a rating!

The Program
For $50 and usually within 3 days we can:

Check the doctor's math and methods using the AMA Guides.
Provide you with comments if the doctor left out a step, made an error, or is using the wrong AMA method. You can then go back to the doctor to get the errors corrected,then re-submit the rating.
Deconstruct the AMA Whole Person Impairment rating and convert it to California Permanent Disability, providing a detailed rating report on each impairment.
See a sample of our AMA WPI
See a sample of our California PD rating

How it works

Login now and after logging in, select the button titled "Click for new request for AMA Rating". Send us a medical report and fill out the online Rating Order form . You can scan the report to our online form or fax/mail it separately, but we need the online order form filled out.

Who does the ratings?
Warren Schneider, a workers' compensation attorney and the creator of a top selling AMA Rating Program checks every rating performed by our trained rating staff.

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