Go paperless and be EAMS compliant NOW

An inexpensive and simple solution to getting all your
open files scanned AND get your daily mail scanned
as well. Call the Team today.

Now: Discounted version of A1-Law as low as $775 and $125/month including support and future updates.
A1-Law and DefensePro are teaming up to help you meet the new challenges caused by EAMS and the Board going paperless. Your practice will run more efficiently and profitably by going paperless.
With a single phone call we can scan all your open case files into A1-Law. All your documents are organized into the correct case in the program and categorized by document type. This is a turn-key
service that can be done in as little as a week.

From that day forward, DefensePro can provide a Daily Mail
scanning and processing service (via ScanFiles) that integrates
your mail seamlessly into A1-Law (and you don't even need a
scanner!). A1-Law's new mail processing workflow module
allows you to review your mail online, make notes and tasks plus
flag mail for further review.

Bottom line? Your practice goes paper-less, becomes
EAMS compliant, saves a ton of money (the program is
inexpensive plus the benefits of digital file access) and
office space.

Call the Team today: 877.374.3744

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We can scan at your place or ours! ScanFiles will scan your mail and the ongoing paper you generate on a daily, weekly or monthly basis in a format compatible for import directly into your records management software.

We Prove Our Case Everyday

No other legal defense records
service can lay claim to the
array of information access,
document preparation,
customer focus and speedy

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   ScanFiles Paperless Service - Full    Integration
   EAMS Ready - Includes EAMS PDF    Forms
   Create Acrobat PDF Files from any    Windows App
   Use EAMS PDF forms or create your    own PDF files - Adobe Writer Not    Required
   Integration with Outlook
   Export to Palm, Treo, Blackberry,    iPhone