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Pin Pointing a New Way

PinPoint Pro™ will forever change the way you
research medical records.

Like something out of "A Beautiful Mind," tracking medical records scattered over cities, counties and states is a daunting task. Trying to piece together a chronology of events and categorizing each report, looking for crucial evidence and trends results in countless lost hours and frustration. Word searches? Forget about it.

The Revolutionary Leap

For the first time ever, you can now page through the records in the order that you sorted them, which means you can combine all the records from all the locations and step through them all together in date order as one chronology.

 To start, we scan all of the records from each location and tag each page in the records to assign a category, such as Doctor's notes, Lab Reports, Nursing, Reports, etc. Next, we read each page and create a comprehensive summary or review for every page.The review not only summarizes what is in the records, but
turns all that cryptic handwriting into searchable text! We combine all this data with the page category, location name, and date we find on the pages into a database that you then view and search in various ways using our new software. You pick a sort method and start viewing our summary paragraphs. When you see something interesting you simply click on a review item and the program brings up the actual page image. You can then step through those records page by page.

 Click on "Categories" and you can page through only certain categories of the records as one big document. You can combine the category and the review data to read only the reviews that were made in certain categories of pages, such as Doctor's notes. This is a giant leap ahead of the standard records review process which forces you to read each set of records one at a time, without being categorized and without having an expert translate all the handwritten notes to searchable text. By doing this, it allows the user to spot important trends that appear only when you interlace all the records together.

Hyperfast Performance

PinPoint Pro also has HyperSearch capability (PinPoint Pro with HyperSearch technology), which is a super-fast search engine that lets the user enter a search string, or complicated search queries, and PinPoint Pro will show you all the pages with a hit in the OCR'd records or the review that we created, and you can easily step through each hit and read the actual page image!

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